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Here is a quick overview of the content of this web site.

Contact Information - How to get in touch with

Custom Made - How custom made is different than standard.

Tilt Motor shows an inexpensive way to upgrade horizontal Blinds to a remote controlled system.

Details about this system.

Exterior Blinds - Explanation about how Exterior Blinds can add security to your house.

Hardware for drapery and other applications.

Interior Blinds - What are the lines of Interior Blinds.

Links - Friends and associates of

Metric System - How it is different from the American measurement.

Mini-Blinds - The classical Blind.

Pillows - Hypo-allergenic to fit almost any cover.

Pleated Shades - Innovative Designs and special versions for almost any shape of window.

Shapes - For different window styles.

Product Information Sheet - Learn more about our products.

Security Shutters - Reducing Air condition cost and also protect your home from burglars.

Venetian Blinds (exterior) - Also reducing your Air condition cost and a good alternative to Rolling/Security Shutters.

Vertical Blinds - For office and residential use, washable and decorative.

Multiple Versions - For different window shapes.

Wood Blinds - Always in style.

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