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Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutter

Popular in Europe for many years, Rolling Shutters are making their way into the USA market.

Due to their massive construction, they can be useful in helping to resist wind damage during hurricanes and thunderstorms, making them especially helpful in Southern states.

They are easy to install and can match any facade. Various profiles and several colors are available.

Up-to-date technology has made the rolling shutter not only convenient in blocking sunrays, but also allows for total privacy and is ideal for burglar protection. Once the system is moved to the down position, opening from the outside is virtually impossible, partly due to a locking system installed in the head rail.

Rolling shutters also offer protection for heat loss in the winter and overheating in the summer.

Energy costs for heating and cooling are decreased, and outside noises are diminished. This technology offers new solutions to common problems and can fit in most architectural framing.

For more information on this system, please contact Alutech United.

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