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Pleated Shades

Pleated Shade Kids Design

Pleated shades are decorative elements which are highly effective in residential situations.

The textile appearance and impressive fabric collection offer suitable solutions to most rooms in the home. The rich collection available offers an expansive amount of colors, nuances and construction to choose from.

Highlights include exceptional contemporary designs and patterns created exclusively for children's rooms.

Special materials are used to optimize potential in extreme climatic protection.

One version of pleated shade uses an aluminum treated backing in some designs, reducing the effects of ultraviolet sunrays, and helping prevent bleaching of some colors, leather and other fine furnishings.

Pleated shades are an ideal treatment for sun rooms and glass architectural spaces.

Through a complex technology, almost any shape and functional version may be obtained, for example the triangle, slope, trapezoid or round arch over ceiling models and roof windows.

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