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Custom Made

Today, Blinds are available in many forms and sizes.

Our custom Made Blinds on the contrary are made of very high quality materials, which causes them to last significantly longer than the average blind on the shelf.

The exclusive designs add harmony to any interior space. Special features like side guiding, slope and a multitude of colors add to the list of attributes of our products.

Designers and Architects in Europe are working constantly on new ideas to create new styles in Pleated Shades and Vertical Blinds. Lately this pleasing development is also observed in the Venetian Blind category.

Our custom Made Blinds have the advantage of better quality, design and they are made to fit the individual window.

"Clothes" for the windows, so to speak.

Most of the Shades are easy to clean by the individual and do not have to be sent to a professional cleaner. A guideline on how to clean individual Blinds is usually included in the package of delivery.

Various slat sizes allow different angles of view and sun radiation.

To offer the highest living comfort in the most comfortable atmosphere, is the goal we want to achieve with our custom made Blinds, which are manufactured and already proven in Europe.

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