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On this web-page we want to show you several ideas on how to decorate your windows. All products shown on these pages are custom made using the metric system. Whenever you have comments, suggestions or questions, please let us know, so that we can consider them by building up this web-page.

An important factor in these blinds is that they protect flowers, furniture and floors from the intensity of ultraviolet rays given off by the sun. Equally important and also pleasing is the color forms of light and shadow created as the sun rises and sets casting varying light displays in interior spaces.

This continuous change in light displayed through the open spaces between the slats in Venetians (aluminum and wood), verticals (fabric) and filtering through the fabrics of Pleated Shades can create a warm and friendly atmosphere in your living space.

For the most economic management of heating and cooling costs, consider exterior blinds like Venetian or Rolling Shutters as well.

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